Developing a comprehensive, viable and sustainable social security scheme to the unorganized rural communities, has become a great challenge. SSAFE Foundation has come out with a viable social security schemes in the areas of Health Promotion, Micro Insurance and Micro Pension.

The reach of the social security program is given below.

Muthu Chippi Social Security Scheme (Rs. In Lakhs)

Series Particulars
Year 2003-04
Year 2004-05
Year 2005-06
Members Amount Members Amount Members Amount
1. Premium 7167 4.10 8924 7.90 10199 7.86
2. Claims Paid 45 2.08 52 2.88 339 9.24

NDFS offers insurance, health and micro pension products under its social security scheme. The product features and the coverage has been explained below.


NDFS offers composite insurance product in the name of “Muthu Chippi social security” to the members to address their concerns in case of loss of life, health and assets loss due to natural calamities and disasters. Presently the product is available only to the surabhi members and it is a voluntary scheme. The premium is fixed at Rs.150/-. This scheme is implemented in partnership with other companies. Hence, Rs.100 is paid to insurance companies as a premium. Rs.25/- is spent on promotions and incentives. Remaining Rs.25/- is accumulated as the social security corpus fund to provide support to the members on difficult occasions, which were not covered by the insurance schemes of the insurance companies.


S.No. Segment Life Benefit Amount in
1. Life   5.000
2. Accidental Death 40.000
3. Health   5.000
4. Asset sss10.000

Health Services:

SHEPHERD in collaboration with NDFS promotes health services to the members on the basis of prevention, protection and promotion.(3 P’s) Prevention of deadly diseases is done by screening the surabhi members on the early stages of diseases like diabetics and cancer. This is done through health camps which were conducted in villages in association with Mission Hospital, Trichy and others. On detection of the disease, members were admitted for treatment through the cashless hospitalization scheme. SHEPHERD entered into an agreement with a few hospitals to implement the same. The claim amount is covered by the “Muthu Chippi” social security scheme.

Health education is promoted through Health Associates who visit the villages regularly and provide “health education to adolescent girls, women and men. SHEPHERD also adopted a few villages as model villages for the implementation of this scheme. The measurable indicator to find out the effectiveness of the health programme is the reduction of the number of days women fall in sick and reduction of medical expenses of a family in the particular year. Due to the efforts and services of SHEPHERD it has been reduced considerably.

Micro Pension:

SHEPHERD recently launched micro pension program to its members with the collaboration of Unit Trust of India. As per this scheme, members have to make Rs 100 as monthly payment to UTI through SHEPHERD. On maturity, this amount can be withdrawn either in single or partial withdrawals. Around 5100 members joined in this scheme and the same was inaugurated by Shri. P. Chidambaram Finance Minister Government of India.

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