SHEPHERD-Pioneering Development Initiatives

SHEPHERD is a professional development organization. The core purpose of SHEPHERD is impacting poverty by identifying socially relevant themes and devising programmes based on its core values, principles and operating guidelines. SHEPHERD created pioneering models in micro finance, social security and Health. A new experimentation is going to be initiated shortly to work in the new theme of livelihoods promotion through proactive and forward looking business development support services.

SHEPHERD offers a few development products to its communities exclusively beyond its regular development initiatives. These products are briefly explained below.

Development Products

Since NDFS single mindedly focused on deepening credit especially in the area of livelihoods promotion, SHEPHERD came out with two complementary credit products to meet health and education needs of the surabhi members. Those are called as development products namely “Sugam” and “Kalvi” (Education)

Sugam (Emergency Health Fund)

Sugam complements health insurance scheme. In case of emergency hospital expenses like cancer, surgery, accident cases, surabhi members can avail upto Rs.5,000/- at the interest rate of 6% per annum on reducing balance basis.

Kalvi (Education)

“Kalvi” has been promoted to encourage education of the girl’s especially after S.S.L.C. Surabhi members are advised to send their girl’s to school even in case of financial difficulties by availing loan from SHEPHERD upto Rs.5,000/- at reasonable interest on reducing balance basis. This amount can be utilized to pay college fees, purchase note books and dress and to make other incidental expenses like traveling.

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